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August 5, 2015

Through a variety of experiences I have been part of, led, and observed many teams. Without a doubt, the winners all share some common traits.

  • Teams members trust: they trust their individual ability to do the job and they trust that every other member can and will perform his.
  • All team members understand the main mission/goal as well as each of the sequential sub-goals.
  • They focus on their part of the mission.
  • The teams are relentless and confident. They know they are the best and they stay with the mission.
  • When anyone falters, the others quickly get that member back on track
  • They conduct After Action Reports
  • They celebrate

Changing the performance of a team is not hard because it is complicated. It is hard because we all think the other guy is the one who needs to change, that our personal attachment to the past is fully justified, and that it is easier to give up than to change.

Only the individuals can decide the value of the yet unseen result is worth the work. When the leader keeps everyone focused on the vision, the work can be a lot more fun.

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A prime function of a leader is to keep hope alive. John W. Gardner